Monday, September 20, 2010

Squirrels: Cute Bringers of Fiery DOOM!

We all know that behind that cute, cuddly exterior, squirrels can be a real menace.  From property damage to diseases, squirrels can be dangerous.  While many of us worry about our squirrel masters' attempt at world domination, perhaps we should put our attention towards a more immediate concern: suicide burner squirrels.  That's right, squirrels willing to give their lives in an attempt to send us to a premature cremation.

Hackensack, NJ - Sep 19, 2010 A squirrel sets a car on fire. The corpse is found next to the car.

Jones, Oklahoma - Jan 21, 2009 An elementary school is set ablaze by a squirrel. To which depths will these evil creatures not sink?

Redding, California - Oct 14, 2008 A small brush fire caused by one of these tiny demons. Probably trying to take out some picnickers.

Eastern Texas - Sep 5, 2006 A 30 acre blaze started by none other than an arboreal rodent.

There are many more stories, but I shall spare you the grisly details.  Just be sure to keep a watchful eye towards these cute menaces, or you may be feeling the burning pain of regret.


  1. LOL.. you make them sound bad ;o

  2. But.. but... but.... THEY ARE SO CUTE! D:

  3. Behind every fire that has ever happend, a squirrel has been involved.

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  6. too bad they freeze to death in the winter