Monday, September 20, 2010

Squirrels: Cute Bringers of Fiery DOOM!

We all know that behind that cute, cuddly exterior, squirrels can be a real menace.  From property damage to diseases, squirrels can be dangerous.  While many of us worry about our squirrel masters' attempt at world domination, perhaps we should put our attention towards a more immediate concern: suicide burner squirrels.  That's right, squirrels willing to give their lives in an attempt to send us to a premature cremation.

Hackensack, NJ - Sep 19, 2010 A squirrel sets a car on fire. The corpse is found next to the car.

Jones, Oklahoma - Jan 21, 2009 An elementary school is set ablaze by a squirrel. To which depths will these evil creatures not sink?

Redding, California - Oct 14, 2008 A small brush fire caused by one of these tiny demons. Probably trying to take out some picnickers.

Eastern Texas - Sep 5, 2006 A 30 acre blaze started by none other than an arboreal rodent.

There are many more stories, but I shall spare you the grisly details.  Just be sure to keep a watchful eye towards these cute menaces, or you may be feeling the burning pain of regret.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Intel Piloting Chip Upgrade Program

Intel is currently running a pilot program for upgrading a new processor chip.  In short, the consumer purchases a computer with a processor that has had it's full capabilities restrained.  The consumer will then have to purchase an upgrade in order to gain the full capabilities of the processor.  The upgrade is only digital.  In other words, the upgrade only tells the processor "OK, you're allowed to work at full speed now".  This would be akin to purchasing a hi-def television that can only run normal definition until you push a bunch of buttons on your remote and fork over some extra cash.

For Intel and retailers, this sounds like a good idea.  They can sell computers cheaper, and then sell an upgrade for those who want the full capabilities.  This also helps retailers and manufacturers keep costs down by reducing the number of models.  The combination of upgrade sales and saved inventory space means they're making and saving money at the same time which equates to greater profits.

For consumers this may, at first, seem like a good idea.  You can buy a computer and quite easily upgrade its processor power later.  The truth is that the consumer is not gaining anything.  What's really happening is that Intel is showing that they can sell a processor for price "A", but you'll have to pay more to make the processor work better.  This just begs the question, "Why not sell the fully capable processor at the low price, without any upgrade offers, which makes your prices more competitive with AMD?".

What do you think about this?

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Hey everyone, remember that today is "Talk Like a Pirate Day"!  Visit the official website here.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Forseen Consequences

According to a recent PCWorld article, a company named Fabrican developed "fabric in a can".  That's right, spray on clothes.  As if the horrors of body-hugging Spandex aren't bad enough, now there's clothes you can spray right onto your body.  I fear for my eyes already.

Unemployment and Depression

With current unemployment rates at 9.6%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment is still a large problem in the US.  While one will often hear statistics concerning how unemployment affects the economy, both local and nationally and how it also is putting a drain on local charities, we often overlook the effects of unemployment on the unemployed individual.

For many, a job provides more than something to do through the day, it gives a feeling of self-worth.  Add in the constant rejection (and many times lack of replies) that one inevitably goes through while searching for work, financial fears and a whole host of other worries and it's easy to see how people can spiral down into depression.   Unemployment states that "unemployment depression is a serious problem that throws you into a cycle of defeat".

To all the (un)happily working people out there who are wondering "I've got a job, how does this affect me?", realize that with an unemployment rate at almost 10% nationwide, chances are that you know someone that's unemployed.  Some of those people may be suffering from depression and not showing it outwardly.  Understanding their current situation will help you be that good friend with a shoulder to lean on.

For those of you actively searching for work, take a bit of time, step back and look at yourself and how you're feeling.  You may actually be depressed and not realize it.  Even if you're not feeling down, it might be a good idea to understand a  problem that you may be facing in the future and begin to combat depression before it even starts.

In either case, the following links will guide you to resources to help recognize and defeat unemployment depression.